8 Tips for Evaluating Damage after an Ice Storm

Feb 14, 2014 | Commercial Roofing, Residential Roofing, Roofing

With all the severe winter weather we have been experiencing in the Southeast. Lately, we wanted to share some quick tips for evaluating the damage to your home or business and some steps to take after the storm.

  • Avoid injury first and foremost! Do not get on the roof or work beneath a roof that has a large amount of snow, especially on a ladder, as the snow could avalanche, or you could be hit by falling icicles.
  • If your home has sustained structural damage from falling trees, limbs, or heavy snow, be extremely careful if you choose to enter the building, as debris may still be hazardous and the structure unstable.
    Avoid using sharp tools or ice picks on your gutters and downspouts, as this can cause further damage to your property.
  • Review your automobile and homeowners insurance policies to ensure coverage for falling objects and collisions. Contact your local agent or insurance company and ask questions if necessary.
  • Have your policy numbers available and report any possible claims to your insurance company as soon as possible.
    Contact a professional to obtain estimates for repairs. Professional companies will often negotiate insurance claims on your behalf to ensure the repair work is done correctly.
  • If you must make immediate and temporary repairs to protect undamaged parts of the property, be sure to save your receipts, as you may be entitled to reimbursements by your insurance policy.
  • Accumulated snow and ice in eaves and gutters can prevent proper drainage, causing water to seep under tiles or shingles and into your home, known as ice damming. Keep an eye out for water leaks on walls and ceilings, and contact your roofing professional for a free evaluation.