What to Expect From a Roofing Inspection

You probably know that your roof got an inspection before you purchased your house and that you’ll have to get another one prior to selling it. You may know that it’s recommended that you get your roof inspected after severe weather, especially if you suspect there may be damage to your shingles, flashing, fascia, soffit, or that you may have weak spots that could give way over time.

You may not know, though, what is involved in a certified roofing inspection and why you should call the experts at American Roofing and Vinyl Siding to give your roof some professional attention. After all, if you can’t see any leaks in the ceiling, and no shingles are missing, your roof is fine, right? Wrong!

American Roofing offers free certified roof inspections that are far more thorough than you might have thought. Let’s go through what you should expect from a professional roof inspection, whether you need one for potential repairs or to buy or sell a home.


Your Inspector’s Checklist

The questionnaireWhen American Roofing sends an inspector to your home, they will not only look at your roof from the ground. They will get up on the roof and inspect it up close, and they’ll also inspect from the inside. What are they looking for from all of these angles? Their checklist includes, but is not limited to:

Did you know that you need to look for all of that when you inspect your roof? Do you know how to look for all of the potential problems listed above? That’s why you call a professional roofing expert. A roof can hide a lot of problems from inexperienced eyes.



checks2If your inspector didn’t find any issues, but your roof is getting older, they may recommend that you get it inspected again next year or that you start saving for a replacement roof. The trustworthy experts at American Roofing will never recommend that you get repairs or replacements that you don’t actually need. However, they will recommend preventative maintenance to avoid serious problems down the road.

If they do find issues, they will walk you through the problems your roof has and how you can address them. Your roofing inspection from American Roofing is free and obligation free. You don’t have to go through with any of your inspector’s recommendations.

However, you should know that ignoring roofing problems will not make them go away. You don’t know when the next bad storm will come through or when a settling foundation might make your chimney lean a little bit too much and create a gap between your flashing and shingles. Keep an open mind as you listen to what your American Roofing inspector suggests for your roof. It is probably the most cost effective, hassle-free answer to your roofing woes.

The next time you need your roof inspected, whether for your business or your home, give American Roofing & Vinyl Siding a call today, or complete our online estimate-request form for a roof inspection you can trust.

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